The family’s pet, Fancy and her daughters, were the mothers of the first Aussiedoodle litters.  Aussiedoodles grow to about 45 pounds, intelligent, non/light shedding and allergy compatible.  The coat colouring of these pups show the merle and tri-colours of the Australian Shepherd. When these pups are grown their coat retains this beautifully distinctive colouration and the length is very similar to a Goldendoodle's, but with a softer texture.


The first litter of Sunny View Doodles Goldendoodles was bred in 2000, producing a very beautiful hybrid.  First generation Goldendoodles are non or low shed and have had great success living with families with mild allergies.

The backcross (F1b) Goldendoodle, produced by crossing an F1  Goldendoodle with a  Poodle, will have a higher success rate for non-shedding and are recommended for families with moderate to severe allergies.

Service Dogs

Sunny View has been providing a valuable community service for over a decade.  They have donated over 20 pups to Dog Guides Canada, which are now servicing both visually and hearing impaired individuals.  This is a continuing effort, which offers a great deal of satisfaction.