The family’s pet, Fancy and her daughters, were the mothers of the first Aussiedoodle litters.  Aussiedoodles grow to about 20-30 pounds for minis, about 30-40 pounds for small / medium pups and up to 50 pounds for standard pups. Aussiedoodles are intelligent, non/light shedding and allergy compatible.  The coat colouring of these pups show the merle and tri-colours of the Australian Shepherd. When these pups are grown their coat retains this beautifully distinctive colouration and the length is very similar to a Goldendoodle's, but with a softer texture.


The first litter of Sunny View Doodles Goldendoodles was bred in 2000, producing a very beautiful hybrid.  First generation Goldendoodles are non or low shedding and have had great success living with families with mild allergies.

Our mini goldendoodles range in weight from 20-30 pounds. Small pups range from 28-40 lbs, mediums range to 50 lbs and standard goldendoodles range to 85 pounds.

The backcross (F1b) Goldendoodle, produced by crossing an F1  Goldendoodle with a  Poodle. This breed will have a higher success rate for non-shedding and are recommended for families with moderate to severe allergies.






Service Dogs

Sunny View has been providing a valuable community service for over a decade.  They have donated over 20 pups to Dog Guides Canada, which are now servicing both visually and hearing impaired individuals.  This is a continuing effort, which offers a great deal of satisfaction.